Author: Shannon Jung

Shannon Jung is Franklin and Louise Cole Professor of Town and Country Ministries at Saint Paul School of Theology, Kansas City, Missouri.

Who Gets to Eat? Consumption, Complicity, and Poverty

[1] Two of my favorite theologians set the terms of this essay. One, Kathryn Tanner, asserts as her theological base that God gives unconditionally; God gives to all; and that God wills a community of mutual benefit.1 The other, Craig Nessan of Wartburg Seminary, writes that hunger in a world of abundance is a scandal […]

Sharing as a Central Practice in the Economy of God

(Author’s note: This article extends some earlier work that Shannon Jung has done in formulating a Biblical–theological foundation for understanding eating as a spiritual and moral practice. Food for Life: The Spirituality and Ethics of Eating (Fortress 2004) claims that God had two purposes in creating food: to contribute to delight, and for sharing. In […]