Author: Randall C. Zachman

Randall C. Zachman is Professor of Reformation Studies, University of Notre Dame.

Conscience in the Theology of Martin Luther and Søren Kierkegaard

[1] Both Martin Luther and Søren Kierkegaard understand Christianity primarily in terms of its impact on and relationship to the conscience. In particular, Kierkegaard explicitly agrees with Luther that Christianity cannot be understood apart from the experience of the terrified and afflicted conscience. “What Luther says is excellent, the one thing needful and the sole […]

John Calvin on the Christian Life

[1] Calvin dedicated a great deal of attention to the nature and scope of the Christian life, and even wrote a section of the Institutes dedicated to this theme (Inst., which was often published on its own. However, rather than summarize the teaching of that section, I would like to raise up five themes […]