Author: Niveen Sarras

The Rev. Dr. Niveen Sarras was born and raised in Bethlehem, Palestine. She is the pastor at Immanuel Lutheran Church of Wausau in Wausau, WI. Rev. Sarras earned her Ph.D. in Hebrew Bible from Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago, and Master of Divinity from the Pacific Lutheran theological Seminary. Rev. Sarras continues to participate and presents academic papers in academic conferences and publish articles.

The Messianic Reign in Isaiah 11:1-10: A Message to Foster Children Post-Traumatic Growth

Introduction [1]   Just as warfare was a cultural problem in ancient Israel, traumatizing children and adults, gun violence is a cultural problem in the United States. The impact of gun violence on children and adolescents is not only burdensome but can also be disastrous. Guns are not the only means to perpetrate harm but “the significance of gun […]

A Palestinian Feminist Reading of the Book of Jonah

How can a story without women speak to women? Sarras explores the circumstance of the prophet Jonah and how his experience can speak to Palestinian women today. ​ She examines the story and language of Jonah’s story and compares to the oppression Palestinian Christian women endure today, while suggesting how the church can strengthen these women in their justice work.​​

The Prophet Amos and Palestinian Women

Niveen Sarras highlights the nameless girl and the father-son duo in Amos 2:7c and brings context to the story by examining the rest of the book of Amos, arguing that the girl was raped. Sarras then uses the Amos story to explore the rape culture in modern Palestine and narrates the deep need for change.