Author: Michael T. Grzonka

Michael T. Grzonka is a Ph.D. chemist by trade and applies scientific, bilingual research techniques to Martin Luther, his times and his writings. He is the author of Martin Luther and His Times, a book on the German Reformation.

Recent projects include Charging Interest—Medieval Wisdom for a Modern Financial Crisis (with Fortress Press), and co-authoring the “The Cry for a Life-Sustaining Economy” (with the World Council of Church’s economic Work Group). “Mick” is interested in the connection between Christian religion and its guidance for the economic orders we may design. In this context, the first half of the 20th century and the fascist movements following the “Roaring/Golden Twenties” prove a fascinating field, with Nazi Germany a particular focus.

90 Years Barmen Declaration of Faith (1934)

Introduction and Scope [1] The assault on Germany’s Protestant church through the nationalist “faith movement” called the “German Christians” was as swift as it was successful: In 1931, “German Christians” did not exist. In the church elections of 1932 they scored dismally. On church Election Day July 23, 1933, “German Christians” took over leadership of […]