Author: Melinda Quivik

The Rev. Melinda Quivik, Ph.D. is a liturgical scholar living in Houghton, Michigan.

Worship and the Missio Dei

[1] The Journal of Lutheran Ethics invites us again this month to think about the relationship between Sunday worship and ethics, giving us an opportunity to question our assumptions about worship and God’s mission. Many scholars working on liturgical renewal have contended that to worship is, in fact, to engage in our fundamental identity as […]

Liturgical Practice as the Model for Justice

A liturgy of Christians is nothing less than the way a redeemed world is, so to speak, done.1 [1] At the January 2001 annual meeting of the North American Academy of Worship, Vice-President Gabe Huck’s address laid out the importance of worship for learning the ways of a just society. He told of a seven […]