Author: Mary M. Solberg

Solberg on The Promise of Lutheran Ethics

[1] Whoever is worried that Lutheranism as a living tradition is at risk should take heart from the publication of The Promise of Lutheran Ethics. Even before one assays its substance, the book is remarkable. It is a collection of seven thoughtfully drawn essays by eight disparate writers, introduced by two short reflections by the […]

How should we know? Constructing an Epistemology for an Age of Biological Intervention

[1] The title of this fourth plenary session is quite a mouthful.[1] [2] It often happens that after many days and hours of hard work on a project, I realize I am just beginning to figure out what I need to figure out. The puzzle pieces that I place on the table in what follows […]

Getting Back to Normal

Preached in Christ Chapel, Gustavus Adolphus College on November 9, 2001 Exodus 3:13-20 [1] Well, the Federal Reserve has cut the prime rate by another half-percent. . . . Things are looking up for the New York Stock Exchange; a few days ago, I heard, it closed at its highest level since September 11. Inflation […]