Author: Mary M. Doyle Roche

Mary M. Doyle Roche is Assistant Professor of Religious Studies and Edward Bennett Williams Fellow at the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, Massachusetts.

Marching for Our Lives on the Road to Jericho

Introduction [1] Gun violence and its trauma have reached epidemic proportions. The term epidemic in this instance is both a public health appraisal of the impact of gun violence as well as a metaphor that might spark the civic imagination toward a more effective response. The metaphor is apt in a number of ways: it highlights the […]

Consumer Families, Virtue and the Common Good

[1]The debate over what constitutes and how to live “family values” continues and revolves primarily around the meanings and practices of marriage. Receiving less attention is how Christian families, in whatever form, strive to live with justice and compassion in a culture that is increasingly characterized by individualism, unsustainable patterns of consumption, and competition.1 Rather […]