Author: Mary Lowe

Mary Elise Lowe is Professor of Religion at Augsburg University. She teaches and publishes in the fields of Lutheran theology, Queer theologies, vocation, and contemporary Christian theologies.

Communion for All: A Queer, Lutheran Sacrament of Wild Welcome

  We must know that we are not only welcome at this meal; we are this meal.…God, great Mother/Father/[Spirit] God, move through the elements prepared today….Break this bread in our hearts, so that we will know the urgency of speaking as queer Christians….Give us the breath and blood of people who can witness the welcome […]

Reimagining Vocation: Queer, Lutheran, with Room for All

“We do theology because we want to collaborate fundamentally in bringing about a different kind of world in the here-and-now.”   –M. Shawn Copeland   Vocations and Challenges to Vocation  [1] Can you recall a time when you felt truly welcomed and accepted? Can you remember a moment when you brought the fullness of yourself to […]