Author: Kristin Johnston Largen

Holy Mischief: In Honor and Celebration of Women in Ministry, by Mindy Makant

[1] Holy Mischief is a timely book that witnesses to the painful and difficult reality of women’s oppression and discrimination in the church.  Her book talks specifically about the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, but the situation there is not unique. Many people seem to think that because women have been ordained in this Church for 50 […]

Response: Proposed Statement on Human Sexuality

[1] Of the many provocative and interesting aspects of the ELCA proposed social statement on sexuality—“Human Sexuality: Gift and Trust”—I want to focus my analysis on one particular theological assertion; and then elaborate on five key ethical and theological ramifications of that assertion. A Relational Anthropology [2] Repeatedly, in a variety of places, this social […]