Author: Janice Mynchenberg

Ordained in 1988, the Rev. Dr. Janice Mynchenberg has served the majority of her years of ministry as a trained interim specialist.  She has worked with ELCA and UCC congregations in Wisconsin, Tennessee, Alabama, and Washington D. C.  as well as serving as an ecumenical chaplain in a retirement community for three years.  She is currently serving as the pastor of Epiphany Lutheran Church in Oveido, Florida.

Review: Dancing in God’s Earthquake: The Coming Transformation of Religion by Arthur Ocean Waskow and Ladder to the Light: An Indigenous Elder’s Meditations on Hope and Courage by Steven Charleston

[1] In March of 2020 the United States government responded to the existence of the coronavirus in our midst with a call to shut everything down for two weeks.  The worst of it would then pass over us, and we could resume our normal lives once more. [2] It didn’t work out that way. [3] […]

Review: We’re Better Than This, by Elijah Cummings (with Jim Dale)

“Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer said, ‘His authority came not from the office he held, nor from the timbre of his voice.  It came from the moral force of his life.”  (page 282) [1] This posthumously published autobiography invites its reader to experience the moral force of Elijah Cummings’ life and be inspired by his […]