Author: James R. Thomas

The Rev. James R. Thomas, Ph.D. is Associate Professor of Church and Ministry at Lenoir-Rhyne University/Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary.

Review: A Child Shall Lead Them: Martin Luther King, Jr., Young People, and The Movement (Fortress Press, 2014)

[1] Rufus Burrow Jr.’s A Child Shall Lead Them is about the courage and contributions made by black children and youth, and some whites (282), in the struggle for civil and human rights in the United States. We see in this narrative how black children, youth and others aided the efforts of Martin Luther King […]

Mentoring For Neighborhood Ministry

[1] More than twenty years have gone by since I was paired with the first seminarian who arrived at New Hope Lutheran Church in Jamaica, New York, to begin a year of internship under my supervision. The year was 1985. Not so clear to either of us at the time was the fact that the […]