Author: Eric Trozzo

Eric Trozzo is an ordained pastor with the ELCA who has most recently served with ELCA Global Mission as a missionary professor at Sabah Theological Seminary in Malaysia and is an Honorary Research Associate with Australian Lutheran College, University of Divinity.

Book Review: Facing Apocalypse: Climate, Democracy, and Other Last Chances by Catherine Keller

[1] Don’t Look Up, a much-discussed movie that came out on Netflix in December 2021, posits a comet heading towards the Earth that will wipe out life on the planet. The comet is intended to represent the coming catastrophe of climate change, and the movie satirizes the denialism, greed, and disinterest paralyzing the discussion and […]

Considering Global Warming as a Hyperobject with Definitive Presence

0 [1] The mid-day skies darkened as an acrid-smelling cloud of haze rolled in over the city of Kota Kinabalu this past September. From my perch at the seminary, atop a jungle-clad hill in the center of the city, my usual expansive view was reduced to being best measured in yards rather than miles.  Kota […]