Author: Eliseo Pérez-Álvarez

Eliseo Pérez-Álvarez is an Adjunct Professor of the Lutheran Seminary Program in the Southwest and the Seminario Evangélico de Puerto Rico and ELCA pastor from the Caribbean Synod. He considers himself Mexichicanorrican.

Children Immigration and Semantics Migration

How does the language we use to describe immigrants and migrants reflect the way in which they have been dehumanized in our society, and in fact contribute to that dehumanization? As Christians, we are called to love our neighbor as ourselves, and looking at Scripture, there are many stories of migrants who we lift up as prophets. Pérez-Álvarez also examines the history of Mesoamerica and the fact that history has been obfuscated in favor of political gain. Invoking Galatians, he calls on Christians to put aside semantics in order to see reality and seek justice.