Author: David Yamane

David Yamane is professor of sociology at Wake Forest University, following posts at the University of Notre Dame and the University of Virginia. His early work was in the sociology of religion, but a decade ago, Professor Yamane’s research turned to guns and the rise of a new self-defense oriented American gun culture. He is at work on a book on this topic and actively engaged in public conversation about guns through several social media platforms, including his YouTube channel “Light Over Heat.” To learn more about his research, writing, and thought leadership, see

Understanding and Misunderstanding American Gun Culture and Violence

INTRODUCTION [1] The United States of America is exceptional in many ways. This includes the fact that there are more guns (c. 400 million) than people in the country (332 million) and that we have more gun violence than other high-income nations. Many draw a clear line between more guns and more gun violence. I […]