Author: David E. Fredrickson

David E. Fredrickson is Professor of New Testament at Luther Theological Seminary, St. Paul, Minnesota.

How It Is and How It Might Have Been Otherwise

Copyright 2011 Lutheran University Press. This essay will be published by Lutheran University Press in a book entitled Sources of Authority in the Church. How It Is [1] The Christian historian Papias of Hierapolis surprises us when he lays down a principle (which turns out to be quite conventional) of assigning higher value to oral […]

A King’s Wit, the People’s Judgment, and a House Harmonious: Three Models of Early Christian Criminal Justice

Dismal, Preliminary Considerations [1] Eager to be useful to the church, biblical scholars sometimes forget the difference between interpretation and shopping.[1] And so it was as I rummaged through the writings of the New Testament looking for the ideal system of criminal justice. I was hunting for bargains. I wanted straightforward answers. I wanted the […]

The Kenosis of Christ in the Politics of Paul

“As she listened her tears ran and her body was melted, as the snow melts along the high places of the mountains when the West Wind has piled it there, but the South Wind melts it, and as it melts the rivers run full flood…” (Homer, Odyssey, 19.204-207) “… he emptied himself…” (Philippians 2:6) “… […]