Author: Dan Hooper

Dan Hooper serves as Pastor of Hollywood Lutheran Church, who with his spouse Carl Hunter has been active in the Lesbian/Gay/Christian movement for more than 35 years. He was called extra ordinem in 2004 to lead the congregation in an intentional mission with LGBT people, which has broadened to include outreach ministries to those with HIV/AIDS, in recovery from substance abuse, and in prison or on parole.

Review: David J. Kundtz and Bernard S. Schlager’s, Ministry Among God’s Queer Folk

[1] On first glance, Ministry Among God’s Queer Folk seems dated (especially its title, doubtless inspired by the hip Showtime television series “Queer as Folk” running from 2000–2005). And perhaps unsettling is the term “queer people”—used constantly, almost interchangeably with “LGBTQ people.” Although the word’s use in our times is an attempt by sexual minorities […]