Author: Christie Billups

Christie Billups, D.Min. spent over 15 years ministering in the jails of Chicago, IL, and continues to promote the knowledge and practice of restorative justice in the region through education and networking. She is Assistant Professor of Theology, Director of Pastoral Ministry, and Coordinator of Service Learning at Lewis University in Romeoville, IL.

Review of Compassionate Justice: An Interdisciplinary Dialogue with Two Gospel Parables on Law, Crime, and Restorative Justice. Eugene, OR: Cascade Books, 2012.

[1] The very heart of Christopher Marshall’s latest book, Compassionate Justice, explores two beloved parables in which the main characters are “moved by compassion” to show mercy and do justice. As with Beyond Retribution, Marshall eloquently juxtaposes detailed exegesis with insight into the theory and rich religious underpinnings of restorative justice in modern legal systems. […]