Author: Karl Allen Kuhn

Rev. Dr. Karl Kuhn is Professor of Religion, Grace Chair of Religious Studies, and Dean of Humanities and Fine Arts at Lakeland University where he has served since the Fall of 1999. An ordained United Church of Christ clergy, he has served several congregations as an associate and interim minister. His special interests are in the fields of biblical interpretation and biblical theology, and he has widely published and lectured in both fields. He has authored numerous articles and six books, Having Words with God: The Bible as Conversation (Fortress Press, 2008), The Heart of Biblical Narrative: Rediscovering Biblical Appeal to the Emotions (Fortress Press, 2009), Luke: The Elite Evangelist (Paul’s Social Network Series; Collegeville, Liturgical, 2010), and The Kingdom According to Luke and Acts (Baker Academic, 2015), Insights from Cultural Anthropology (Fortress Press, 2018), and co-authored New Proclamation: The Essential Pastoral Companion for Preaching, Year C 2010 (Fortress Press, 2009). His latest work is entitled Reading the Bible Badly: How American Christians Misunderstand and Misread their Scriptures (Cascade Press, 2020).

The “God Bless the USA Bible”: White Christian Nationalism and the Hermeneutic of Fear

[1] The “God Bless the USA Bible,” featuring the King James Version, includes within its covers a copy of a handwritten chorus to “God Bless The USA” by Lee Greenwood, the U.S Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the Declaration of Independence, and the Pledge of Allegiance.[i]  Licensed in 2021, this Bible was met with some […]