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African-American Women and Substance Use: Epidemiology, Prevention, and Treatment

This article highlights the prevalence, correlates, and adverse consequences of alcohol and other drugs (AOD) used by African American women. Efforts to prevent substance use and the nature and effectiveness of treatment are addressed. Several complex issues and limitations that relate to African American AOD prevention and the treatment are addressed including the misinformed assumption […]

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African-American Grief

This book explains how racism, economic disadvantage, and the operation of distinctive African American beliefs, practices, and institutions impact the grief process. The narratives of this qualitative research project of African American individuals who have experienced the loss of a loved one suggest that traditional understandings of the bereavement are insufficient to explain African Americans‘ […]

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Ritual and Pastoral Care

Drawing on a range of practical concerns and issues in worship life and pastoral care, Elaine Ramshaw shows how ritual can communicate care, and be shaped by care for the individual, society, and the world.

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Congregations as Trinitarian Communities: Accepting, Welcoming, and Supporting People with Chronic Mental Illness

Holt-Woehl seeks to discover common characteristics of congregations that are accepting, welcoming, and supporting of people with mental illness. The work includes a literature review on congregations and mental illness as well as a study of six congregations. The author discovered a common view, in each congregation, that every person is a child of God […]

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